Zebra Zero Plus Case For Raspberry Pi Zero

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Zebra Zero Plus Case For Raspberry Pi Zero

Hey Thrifty Nation!

Here is the Zebra Zero Plus case that I just got from c4labs.net
This is by far! the best case on the market for the raspberry pi zero and i’ll tell you why.

The Zebra Zero Plus case makes prototyping and general playing around with your pi zero a breeze, I can see using this case to develop and tinker with different ideas before committing a raspberry pi zero into a specific project.

The acrylic mid frame keeps everything very solid feeling and adds a nice bit of polish overall that you wouldn’t expect to see in a case.
The nuts are threaded all the way through and allow you to screw in on either side, this makes it easy to secure a pi hat on top of the zebra zero plus case as well!

Aside from a built in breadboard and a heatsink! I really like the laser etched GPIO pinout on the backside of the case.

Now get out and do some prototyping like this 16×2 LCD screen.

Get your own at:
Zebra Zero Plus – Type 1 for Raspberry Pi Zero – Wood


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