Mailbag #1 – The Thrifty Workshop

Mailbag #1 – The Thrifty Workshop

hey thrifty nation

I got some stuff in the mail today and I thought i’d show you guys what I got!

So this one is from… last name brown

lets see what it is


oh wow! these are intel pro/1000

these are going to go great in my server rack! Thank you!

lets see what else did we get… we got something from digikey

who is this from?  it doesn’t say

thank you whoever you were.  what did they send?

this is a 3 watt rgb led

there’s a little pic on the back of it

that is going to be fun to play with

thank you!

if you’d like to send anything to the thrifty workshop  just send me a message on youtube or the website

Thank you!

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